Career FAQs

How can I apply for a position at LEDVANCE?

  • Just submit your application via our application platform. To do this, first set up a user account, read and accept our data protection regulations and then register as a new user.
  • You can apply for permanent positions as well as for student traineeships, final theses and apprenticeship training positions.
  • Please fill in the mandatory fields in our application system or have the fields filled in using automatic services (transmission of your résumé or LinkedIn profile).
  • Furthermore, we kindly ask you to upload your résumé in German or English together with a short cover letter.
  • Feel free to also attach your most important certificates and references.
  • Please note that we can only consider applications submitted online via our application platform.

Why do I need to set up a user account?

You only enter your profile data in your user account once. Submitting your application via your user account saves you the effort of entering all the data each time you apply for further positions. Your account also enables you to save relevant positions, manage your password and profile, delete your profile and create a job agent. Via your user account, you will be automatically notified of new positions which correspond to your profile.

How long does an online application take?

Normally setting up a user account and creating a candidate profile will take you no more than 15 to 20 minutes. Once you have created your profile, you can apply for a position within just one or two minutes. To do this, you simply assign your profile to a job posting. Before doing this, please make sure that your profile is still up-to-date.

How can I upload additional documents?

Click on “Attachments” to add up to 25 files of five megabytes each to your application (e.g. cover letter, résumé, certificates, references, etc.).

Are all the positions posted on your career site still vacant?

Since the job postings on our career site are continuously updated, you can be sure that all the positions published are still open.

I am interested in several positions. Is it sufficient to submit just one application?

You can create a general candidate profile first and assign it to a specific job posting at any time afterwards. This ensures that you only need to enter your data and upload your attachments one single time in order to be able to use them for any number of applications.

I cannot find a suitable position on the Job Platform at the moment. Does it make sense to submit an unsolicited application?

Yes, of course. To do this, create a general candidate profile on our application platform. Our recruiters use this platform to search for and contact suitable candidates. Furthermore, interested candidates can make sure they are notified of new jobs by subscribing to our job alert service.

Can I apply for further positions after being rejected for a position?

Feel free to use your existing profile to apply for further positions at any time.

Can I speak to the hiring manager directly?

Unfortunately it is not possible to contact the hiring manager directly in advance. Please understand that we need to obtain your relevant application first. If your profile sounds interesting, we will contact you to discuss further steps, conduct a telephone interview with you and arrange a date to get to meet you.

Which documents are mandatory and must be submitted in any case?

Your résumé is mandatory. Submitting a cover letter is not absolutely necessary. However, we recommend you upload a cover letter as well as relevant certificates and references.

For how long will my application data be stored in the database?

After your most recent login, the data will remain stored for six months in accordance with data protection regulations. This period will start again once you sign in again and check your profile. Before the end of this six-month period you will be notified in good time by e-mail that your profile will be deleted if you do not log on again.

Can my online application be saved intermediately?

Yes, at any time! Just click the “Save” button (in the bottom left-hand corner of your online application). To continue with your application, go to the Job Platform, click the “Sign In” button (in the top right-hand corner), enter your account data and then click on your name in the top right-hand corner. To modify or complete your profile, click on “Profile” in the drop-down menu which opens.

When modifying “My Profile” as a job applicant, does this mean that all the applications which I have already submitted will be updated as well?

Yes, subsequent changes will be updated on all your applications. The system will notify the recruiter that you have modified your profile. This also applies to all your subsequent additions or modified attachments.

Why do I need to accept a data privacy declaration?

Data protection is of prime importance to LEDVANCE. It is therefore essential for us that you know how we handle your data.

How do I set up a job alert?

When creating your profile you can specify which positions you are interested in. Next, activate the checkbox at the bottom of the “Profile” tab in order to be notified by e-mail whenever an appropriate position is posted.

What opportunities does LEDVANCE provide for international college and university graduates to start a career at your company?

LEDVANCE offers excellent opportunities for international job starters who have just completed a technical or scientific degree. A good command of German is of course beneficial.

What are the major qualification profiles LEDVANCE is looking for?

Since LEDVANCE is a technology company, we are mainly looking for technical qualifications including electrical engineering, communications engineering, mechatronics and other scientific or engineering disciplines. If you already have professional experience in the fields of digitalization, smart home, e-commerce, or in the lighting industry in general, we are particularly interested in hearing from you.

What language skills do I need for a successful application at LEDVANCE?

To hold a position at LEDVANCE, you should have an excellent command of English and at least good skills in German.

Who can I contact if I have technical problems with my online application?

Just send an e-mail to and describe the technical problem. However, please note that applications submitted to this address cannot be considered in the application process.

Can I work on my diploma thesis at LEDVANCE?

LEDVANCE provides opportunities for Bachelor/Master theses in all corporate areas. The corporate area depends of course on the individual subject.

For more details on currently vacant positions refer to the Job Platform.

Are there any opportunities for me to work on my thesis at LEDVANCE outside Germany?

In principle, yes. As a prerequisite for working on a thesis abroad, several months in a successful student traineeship at a German location are required.

Does LEDVANCE pay financial compensation for a final thesis?

Yes, compensation corresponds to the usual market rates for final theses.

In what corporate areas does LEDVANCE provide positions for student traineeships and working students?

We offer traineeships and opportunities for working students in almost all areas of LEDVANCE.

Can I apply for a student traineeship at a LEDVANCE location outside Germany?

LEDVANCE provides some opportunities for traineeships abroad.

What are the prerequisites for a student traineeship at LEDVANCE?

For a deep insight into our company, a minimum stay of six weeks is essential. Furthermore, you should demonstrate great interest in the corresponding area and have sufficient basic knowledge in the specialist field. Enrolment at a university/college is a further major prerequisite.

What compensation does LEDVANCE pay for a student traineeship?

Compensation corresponds to the usual market rates for student trainees.

How long does a student traineeship at LEDVANCE usually last?

The duration of a mandatory traineeship within the scope of university/college studies depends on the applicable guidelines (usually four to six months). Voluntary student traineeships can last from eight weeks to up to three months.

Can I carry out my PhD research studies at LEDVANCE?

LEDVANCE occasionally provides positions for PhD theses, mainly in the technical areas of our company.

For current opportunities for PhD research studies at LEDVANCE refer to our Job Platform.

What corporate areas of LEDVANCE can I join as a working student?

LEDVANCE provides opportunities for working students in many areas.

For more details on currently vacant working student positions, refer to our Job Platform.

What are the prerequisites to be fulfilled by a working student at LEDVANCE?

For a deep insight into our company, a minimum stay of six weeks is essential. Enrolment at a university/college is a further prerequisite.

Is there a deadline for applying for a position as a working student?

No, as long as the position is posted you are welcome to apply. Offers may come at very short notice.

What compensation does LEDVANCE pay to working students?

Compensation corresponds to the usual market rates for working students.

How many hours per week can I work as a working student?

You can work up to 20 hours per week; 35 hours are possible during the semester break, depending on the requirements.

What apprenticeship training opportunities does LEDVANCE provide and how can I apply?

We offer commercial and technical apprenticeship training opportunities. You can also start a dual course of study (“cooperative vocational education”) with us. The selection procedure for apprenticeship training takes place at Siemens Professional Education (SPE) as our partner. Please use the online application form provided by SPE and indicate LEDVANCE as your desired training company.

What requirements do I need to fulfill in order to qualify for an apprenticeship at LEDVANCE?

You can apply with a general school leaving certificate (German “Hauptschulabschluss”), general certificate of secondary education (German “Mittlere Reife”) or a higher education entrance qualification (German “Hochschulreife”). We offer a wide range of apprenticeship training opportunities so as to enable you to fully develop your talent in the fields of technology, trade and problem solutions. The application period starts in September each year and ends on October 31 for hiring in the following year.

Any questions? Write to us!